small gdew0102I3F tiny displays - martinberlin/cale-idf GitHub Wiki

This will be a container to add the small displays that I have since at the moment are only 4. I think is too much to add an independent page for them since they are quite small and implementation provided you have the right 30 FPC adapter should be easy to get it working.

The Good-Display SPI adapter is called DESPI-C102 (You can see it at the right)



  • Size: 80 * 128, 1.02 inches
  • Controller: UC8175
  • 4 gray mode: Not there, not mentioned in product page (Although other Ultrachip displays have 4 gray mode)
  • Partial update: Works but needs to be adjusted. In MR branch check issue 78

Other 3 need to be still implemented. For a size preview this is quite realistic: very-tiny