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  • Size: 800 * 480 7.3" Black/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange (7 colors considering white)
  • Controller: SPD1656 (Not 100% sure if it's this one but acts same as anothers I already had implemented for this controller)
  • Status: Implemented and available on branch 66/gdey073d46 (Tested and working)
  • Refresh time: 32 seconds
  • Partial update: Not supported as in most of the color epapers.
  • Important: Unless you use ESP32S3 or a MCU with more RAM please place the buffer into PSRAM on ESP32. Otherwise there will be no DRAM available to build the Firmware. Check comments about it on gdey073d46.h

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DEMOS available in this repository

  1. cale-7-color.cpp -> Using you can just add a 800*480 screen and use 4 or 24 bit-depth BMP output to download a WiFi image Using menuconfig you need to previously set the WiFi configuration and your bmp cale URL

  2. demo-7-colors.cpp will just print some random color squares and some text.


STATS (ms)
4358 _wakeUp settings+send Buffer
2027 _powerOn
6385 total time in millis

Additional specifications


Note that this epapers are good to make a colorful sign for a store but they are not perfect for rendering full quality photos. Still they will make a nice and surprising good enough photo-portrait with their limited colors if you use a good dithering. That's why we recommend to try since it has different dithering options using Image Magick included.

Implementation example

#include <gdey073d46.h>
EpdSpi io;
gdey073d46 display(io);

uint16_t randomColor() {
  uint8_t random = rand()%5;
  uint16_t color = 0x33;
  switch (random)
  case 0:
     color = EPD_GREEN;
  case 1:
     color = EPD_RED;
  case 2:
     color = EPD_ORANGE;
  case 3:
     color = EPD_YELLOW;
  case 4:
     color = EPD_BLUE;
  case 5:
     color = EPD_BLACK;
  return color;

void app_main() {
   // Test Epd class. true to enable debug

Digital art rendered in 7 color ACEP epaper