gdey0213b74 122x250 4 gray - martinberlin/cale-idf GitHub Wiki

  • Size: 122 * 250, 2.13 inches
  • Controller: SSD1680Z
  • 4 gray mode: Implemented. Use setMonoMode(false) to check it out
  • Partial update: works but needs to be adjusted. Is being executed at the moment in a place in RAM that is 50px below expected, making a copy of the contents above (Don't use for now)
  • RES value: 3 Ω

Note that new models that are added from will be now entitled Good-Display in the Wiki to put them in a closer place in the menu.

logo-Goodisplay Buy this 2.13" epaper here

gdey0213b74 epaper

Still being implemented. Thanks Good-Display for the assistance on this!

Implementation example

#include "goodisplay/gdey0213b74.h"

// FONT Adafruit GFX - Only after display library
#include <Fonts/ubuntu/Ubuntu_M12pt8b.h>

EpdSpi io;
gdey0213b74 display(io);

void app_main()
   display.setCursor(4, 10);
   display.println("Hello GitHub");

   // Add a 4 Gray demo
   display.setMonoMode(false); // 4 grays slower update
   uint8_t xCircle = display.width()/2;
   display.fillCircle(xCircle,31, 30, EPD_DARKGREY);
   display.fillCircle(xCircle,81, 30, EPD_LIGHTGREY);
   display.fillCircle(xCircle,121, 30, EPD_BLACK);
   display.fillCircle(xCircle,171, 30, EPD_WHITE);
   display.setCursor(4, 140);
   display.println("4 GRAY");