gdey0154d67 200x200 4 gray - martinberlin/cale-idf GitHub Wiki

  • Size: 200 * 200, 1.54 inches
  • Controller: SSD1681
  • Status: Working only for monochrome updates in branch idf_5
  • 4 gray mode: Implemented. Use setMonoMode(false)
  • Partial update: Needs to be implemented
  • Similar model to gdeh0154d67 (same controller)
  • Red/Black version: gdeh0154z90

logo-Goodisplay Buy this 1.54" epaper here

gdeh0154d67 epaper

Implementation demo

#include "goodisplay/gdey0154d67.h"

// FONT Adafruit GFX - Only after display library
#include <Fonts/ubuntu/Ubuntu_M12pt8b.h>

EpdSpi io;
gdey0213b74 display(io);

void app_main()
   // By default is true, set to false to check STATs difference
   display.spi_optimized = true;
   display.setCursor(4, 10);
   display.println("Hello GitHub");

Update statistics

All times are in milliseconds. With spi_optimized set to false:

STATS (ms)
141 _wakeUp settings+send Buffer
1906 _powerOn
2048 total time in millis

With spi_optimized true by default:

STATS (ms)
44 _wakeUp settings+send Buffer
1905 _powerOn
1950 total time in millis