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  • Size: 600 * 448, 5.83"
  • Colors: B/W For a 3 color version check Gdew0583z21
  • Manufacturer: Good display
  • Controller: IL0371
  • Status: Implemented. Tests passed (merged in master)
  • Partial update: not tested

This display communication is not optimized. But is still fast when out of debug mode:

2822 _wakeUp settings+send Buffer
2009 update 
4832 total time in milli

The master SPI driver uses a special function that is called _send8pixel and sends each byte per SPI pixels per byte) which makes this particularly slow. It's still pending to research if we can send a full X line in a single transaction provided that the IL0371 IC controller can handle this. Waiting also feedback from Good Display technical team.

To test it, in cale.cpp:

#include <gdew0583t7.h>
#include <Fonts/FreeSerif12pt7b.h> // Optionally include a font from Adafruit GFX
EpdSpi io;
Gdew0583T7 display(io);

void app_main(void)
   display.init(true);     // Activate debug
   display.setRotation(0); // Optionally change rotation

   // Draw a line of 2 pix height
   for (int i = 0; i < display.width(); i++) {

   // Write something
   display.println("CalEPD the epaper component you can trust");

   // Type display.* to discover more of the inherited GFX functions fillCircle, fillTriangle, etc

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