gdew027w3 176x264 - martinberlin/cale-idf GitHub Wiki

  • Size: 176 * 264
  • Inches: 2.7
  • Buffer size: 5808
  • Controller: IL91874
  • Status: Working
  • Partial update: Works great
  • RES value: 3 Ω

logo-Goodisplay Buy this 2.7" epaper here

Important to know this older Model gdew027w3 uses a RES value of 4.7 Ohm. Using a 3 Ohm will deliver the wrong voltages for this display and nothing is broken, but you will see the epaper mostly black. It generates the right ones again switching to 4.7 Ω

Test in main.cpp


This is the epaper that the Lilygo TTGO T5S models use. The 2.7” active area contains 264×176 pixels, 4 Grayscale, and has 1-bit white/black full display capabilities. It needs help with fixing/testing if you want to collaborate. Being tested in branch: refactor/oop

Tech specs

Check Good Display product page IC Driver IL91874 v0.3 (pdf)

Aditional information about 2.7 inch for models with touch display

One option is to use the DESPI-V3 small PCB adapter from Goodisplay. But be aware that is only for touch or for SPI. Not for both! SPI interface with touch specifications A better option is just to get a 6 wire FPC adapter to pins and wire it yourself.

If you want to use the touch function please check the 2.7 Touch version