gdeq037T31 240x416 - martinberlin/cale-idf GitHub Wiki

  • Size: 240 * 416, inches: 3.7"
  • Buffer size: 12480 bytes (No known 4 gray mode)
  • Controller: UC8253 (UltraChip)
  • Status: Working and merged in master
  • Partial update: Not done yet
  • 4 gray mode: Example not provided.

Note: This epaper example have no LUTs tables. It supports only OTP mode and there is currently no example to show 4 grays mode or partial update in Good Display repositories. But as a great advantage over other epapers it refreshes twice as fast and has also a special fast mode you can see in the video below.

#include "goodisplay/gdeq037T31.h"
EpdSpi io;
Gdeq037T31 display(io);

void app_main()
   printf("CalEPD version: %s\n", CALEPD_VERSION);
   // Optionally:
   display.fast_mode = true; // false by default
   display.print("Hello CalEPD!");