gdeh0213b73 104x212 - martinberlin/cale-idf GitHub Wiki

  • Size: 104 * 212
  • Inches: 2.13
  • Buffer size: 2756
  • Controller: SSD1675B
  • Status: Working
  • Partial update: Working

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▲ Note: gdeh0213b73 seems to be out of stock. New model is GDEY027T91 so we recommend to get this one in future orders. The new one supports also 4 gray mode and touch interface.

Implementation example

This 2.13" small epapers from Good display are used in the Lilygo TTGO T5 models. I like the fact that refreshes are quite fast and also partial update that is hard to get working seems to be doing its job here. Only tested a few times, needs more real testing, so if you have one around please try it out.

#include <gdeh0213b73.h>
// Two lines to start IO and instantiate your model
EpdSpi io;
Gdeh0213b73 display(io);

void app_main(void) {
   display.println("Hello world");
   // Print a 2 pix line
   for (int i = 0; i < display.width(); i++) {
   // Discover more of the geometrical functions of Adafruit GFX typing  display.*