Development: Docker Development - marian13/convenient_service Wiki



  • Clone the repo.

    git clone [email protected]:marian13/convenient_service.git
  • Navigate to it.

    cd convenient_service
  • Build Docker images.

    task docker:build

Build containers

  • Ruby 2.7

    task docker:build:ruby_2.7
  • Ruby 3.0

    task docker:build:ruby_3.0
  • Ruby 3.1

    task docker:build:ruby_3.1

Interactive bash in containers

  • Ruby 2.7

    task docker:bash:ruby_2.7
  • Ruby 3.0

    task docker:bash:ruby_3.0
  • Ruby 3.1

    task docker:bash:ruby_3.1

NOTE: All bash commands listed above automatically create volumes under the hood. As a result, any changes in the source files from the host are immediately visible in the containers and vice versa.

Playground, linters, tests, coverage, docs, etc

Open an interactive bash and use the same commands as in the Local Development wiki.