Parameters for the get command - marceldobehere/MaslOS Wiki

The get command has a few parameters.

free ram

Gets the free ram left.

free pages

Gets the amount of free ram left.

window resolution or window size

Gets the size of the current window.

screen resolution or screen size

Gets the size of the screen.

stack trace

Gets the current stack trace (if enabled).

heap stats

Gets the stats of the heap. Including Amount of heap segments and space used.

heap stats detail

Gets the same stats as the normal command but also lists every single heap segment.

TSB MS (Time Since Boot - Milliseconds)

Gets the time that passed since the boot in milliseconds. It uses the PIT Chip.

TSB S (Time Since Boot - Seconds)

Gets the time that passed since the boot in seconds. It uses the PIT Chip too.

disk count

Gets the amount of disks which the OS knows of.


Lists all drives, which exist on all avaiable disks.

mnfcc / max non fatal crash count

Gets the max non fatal crash count. (The remaining amount of crashes that can happen, before the os commits kernel panic)