Menu instruction - makerbase-mks/MKS-SERVO42C Wiki

Attention point

  1. If an error message is show,please refer to part 3“err list”to fixed.

  2. When the motor is calibrating ,it will turn round step by step,then invert a round step by step ,the screen will show‘Cal...’.It will take a minute.

    (If the motor jitter during calibration,It indicates that the wiring sequence is incorrect. Please adjust the wiring to fix it.)

The desciption of parameter

  1. -0.0° - the angle of the motor shaft.(unit degree)

  2. 0.00err - the err of the motor shaft angle.

  3. 0clk - the pulses have been received.

Operating instruction

  1. Equipped with 3 keys: Next : move down.

    Enter :Confirm.

    Menu :Enter/exit parameter setting menu.

    As shown in the figure below:

  2. How to View parameter

    Press the “Menu” key to Enter the Menu

    press the “Next” key to move to the sub-option

    press the “Enter”key, then it show the value.

  3. How to setting Parameter:

    Press the “Menu” key to Enter the Menu

    press the “Next” key to move to sub-option

    press the “Enter”key, it show the value.

    press the “Next” key to move to the value

    press the “Enter”key to set the value.

Menu introduction

  1. CAL:Calibrate the motor. Make sure the MotType is Configure correctly.

    (Default 1.8 °)

  2. MotType:Select stepper motor type.

    0.9 ° :The motor is a 0.9 degree stepper motor

    1.8 ° :The motor is a 1.8 degree stepper motor

    (Default: 1.8 °)

    (Note: when MotType is changed ,the motor must be calibrated again)

  3. Mode:Control mode selection.

    CR_OPEN :Open loop control mode, the motor run without encoder.

    CR_vFOC :pulse(Stp,Dir) input mode.

    CR_UART :Serial mode, you can run the motor by serial commands with usart.

    (Default: CR_vFOC)

  4. Ma:Set the operating current in CR_OPEN mode.

    Note: The CR_vFOC and CR_UART mode will automatically adjust the current according to the load.

    (Default: 1200)

  5. MStep:Set subdivisions.

    Supports subdivision from 1 to 256.

    (Default: 16)

    subdivisions 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 can be set on the screen.

    Other subdivisions such as 67 subdivisions need to be set by sending commands through the serial port.Please refer to the section‘Serial communication’.

  6. En:Set the effective level of EN pin.

    H :High level is valid, external input high level (above 3.3V) can enable the driver board.

    L :Low level is effective, external input low gain (0V) can enable the driver board.

    Hold :the driver board is always enabled.

    (Default: L)

    Attention:If the driver board is not enabled, the motor shaft can be gently turned by hand as if it was not energized, and it will not turn if you send pulses.

  7. Dir:Set the positive direction of motor rotation.

    CW :Clockwise rotation is positive

    CCW :Counterclockwise rotation is positive

    (Default: CW)

    Attention:If the direction is wrong (especially for a 3D printers/engraving machines),don’t need to modify the firmware of the motherboard, just modify this option.

  8. AutoSDD:Set the oled screen sleep mode.

    Attention :If this option is enabled, the OLED screen will automatically turn off without any key operation within seven seconds, and the display can be waked up by pressing any button.

    (Default: Disable)

  9. Protect :Set the blocked protection function.

    (Default: Enable)

    Attention:After this option is enabled, if the driver board detects motor shaft blocking, it will disable the motor automatically and the screen will show“Wrong Protect Enter..”.

  10. MPlyer :Set internal 256 subdivision.

    (Default: Enable)

    Attention: After this option is Enabled, it automatically enable internal 256 subdivision, it can reduce the vibration and noise of the motor at low speed.

  11. UartBaud :Set the baud rate of usart serial. 9600,






    (Default: 38400)

  12. UartAddr :Set the ID of the motor for serial command. 0xe0



    (Default: 0xe0)

    Attention:If connected to multiple motors, the ID of each motor must be different.

  13. 0_Mode :The motor will go back to zero point when power on.

    Disable :do not go back to zero point.

    DirMode :go back to zero point with direction of CW or CCW (the direction is set in O_Dir menu).

    NearMode :go back to zero point with minimum angle.

    (Default: Disable)

  14. Set 0:Set the zero point for go back when power on.

    (O_Mode must not be Disable)

  15. 0_Speed :Set the speed of go back to zero point.

    0 : fastest.


    4 : slowest.

  16. 0_Dir :Set the direction of go back to zero point.

    CW :Clockwise.

    CCW :Counterclockwise.

    (Default: CW)

  17. ACC:Set the acceleration of the motor.




    (Default: Disable)

    Attention:This function is reserved, just set to‘Disable’

  18. Exit :Exit the parameter setting menu.

3D printing parameter configuration suggestions

MPlyer : Disable
ACC    : Choose 412 or 538 acceleration, the motor response is faster.