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Note: this page is a collection of reports from various people and may not be fully accurate.


Symbol Meaning
✔️ Compatible with no special workarounds needed.Assuming this fork SmartMoving + PlayerAPI is used. RenderPlayerAPI may also be needed.
🌝 Fully compatible with the right workarounds.
🌖 Mostly compatible with the right workarounds.
🌗 Fairly compatible with the right workarounds.
🌘 Barely compatible with the right workarounds.
Not compatible, no known workaround yet. More information may be needed.

Mods with gameplay issues

Compatibility Name Notes
Backlytra Use Et Futurum Requiem instead.
🌘 BetterSprinting Crash on startup: Better Sprinting failed modifying EntityPlayerSP. The crash is fixed by using this fork of PlayerAPI, but sprinting doesn't work. Some features do work though, like the sneak toggle.
DQRmod Can't super jump.
🌝 Et Futurum Requiem Crash on startup. Fixed by disabling skin backport (enablePlayerSkinOverlay in functions.cfg) Elytra is incompatible with PlayerAPI. Fixed by using this fork of Smart Moving + PlayerAPI.
🌖 OpenBlocks Glider moves more slowly than usual.
🌖 Ships Mod (by Cuchaz) The player doesn't collide with ships. Mostly fixed by using this fork of SmartMoving and Telomerase's fork of Ships, but Smart Moving's features are unavailable while on a ship.
✔️ Simple Flight Mid-air jumping doesn't work. Fixed by using this fork of Smart Moving.
🌖 StarMiner SmartMoving ignores the player rotation and makes you fall sideways or upside down. Mostly fixed by using this fork of Smart Moving, but Smart Moving's features are unavailable while not in normal gravity.

Mods with performance issues

Compatibility Name Notes
🌝 Aether II Huge performance drop in third person view, and in first person view if using Realistic First Person Render or OptiFine with shaders. Fixed by BugTorch.

Mods with visual issues

Mods that render player accessories usually do it by rendering a ModelBiped subclass. This causes issues with SmartMoving. Most typically, the accessory model always being rendered as facing south regardless of player rotation.

Compatibility Name Notes
Aether Legacy Strangely, the ModelBiped it uses follows the player rotation with a small delay. Changing it to use ModelPlayer instances instead doesn't fix it
Aether II
Backpack (by Eydamos) RenderPlayerAPIEnhancer with [1] doesn't fix it and just adds additional artifacts to the player model
BetterStorage Backpacks are broken. RenderPlayerAPIEnhancer fixes them, but screws up the player textures
Botania Smart moving has a very glaring issue with Botania's armor being completely static and janky on a moving model (to the point where I have to use Armorer's Workshop to disable its rendering since it's so horribly janky, even with the enhanced render api) (issue)
🌝(,1.2.2)❌(1.2.3+) Ears Causes a crash if RenderPlayerAPI is present. With version 4dd7112 of this fork, 1.2.2 worked correctly, but 1.2.3 has an extra pair of arms visible
LLibrary Player hand is rendered lower than normal in first person mode with RenderPlayerAPI
Mekanism Equipment doesn't render (issue)
Replay Mod Smart Moving animations are not captured in the replay. Probably caused by animation packets not getting echoed from the integrated server to the client?
🌖 Thaumcraft RenderPlayerAPIEnhancer fixes most of it, but Thaumostatic Harness is still broken (issue)
Tinkers' Construct RenderPlayerAPIEnhancer with [1] fixes all the accessories other than the wing, but screws up the player textures

[1] Add (?i).*model.*(?<!modelplayer) to render_player_api_enhancer_classnamepatterns.txt

Mods that work correctly

Compatibility Name Notes
✔️ Satchels Compatible since 1.0.2
✔️ Skinport Needs RenderPlayerAPI, otherwise special animations (e.g. crawling) don't render correctly

Additional info required

Compatibility Name Notes
Armourer's Workshop
Baubles and other related mods
Hats (not sure)
Other mods with a 3D armor
Some backpack mods that have a backpack on your back