12. Containers - mach3-software/MaCh3 GitHub Wiki

MaCh3 containers are stored in https://github.com/mach3-software/MaCh3/pkgs/container/mach3

Setting up

If you are on cluster then due to security reasons most likely you will have singularity or apptainer, in VERY rare cases docker. If you want to setup on your private machine then use the following.

Linux Users

Install docker or podman via your distribution package manager, instructions below: YOU ONLY NEED ONE OF THE THREE docker: https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/

OR docker-desktop: https://docs.docker.com/desktop/install/linux-install/

OR podman: https://podman.io/docs/installation

docker-desktop might be slightly easier to use for those not as comfortable sysadmining linux.

Mac Users:

Install orbstack or docker-desktop. I highly recommend orbstack over docker-desktop: https://orbstack.dev/download

Select the right version for your mac architecture

Windows Users:

Install docker-desktop: https://docs.docker.com/desktop/install/windows-install/

How to use


To pull: docker pull ghcr.io/mach3-software/mach3:alma9latest
now that you have pulled it use: docker run -it --name mach3-container ghcr.io/mach3-software/mach3:alma9latest
Congratulations you just entered MaCh3 container

If encountering any access issues please use:

export CR_PAT=<TOKEN>
echo $CR_PAT | docker login ghcr.io -u USERNAME --password-stdin


To pull: singularity pull docker://ghcr.io/mach3-software/mach3:alma9latest
now that you pulled it use: singularity shell mach3_alma9latest.sif
Congratulations you just entered MaCh3 container

source bin/setup.MaCh3.sh

Your MaCh3 is setup and ready.

If encountering any access issues please use:


Alternatively, you can treat the container as a black box and execute exe inside the container like this.

singularity exec <my_container.sif> do_something.exe /path/to/input <arguments>

Words of caution

They are ephemeral: When you exit the main container process, everything is thrown away. Don't expect changes you make to the container image to persist in different containers from the same image.

Build experiment specific MaCh3 using Core as base

Docker allow

#Use MaCh3 container as a base FROM ghcr.io/mach3-software/mach3:alma9latest AS mach3t2k_build

// Clone Your MaCh3
RUN git XXXXXXX.YourMaCh3.git
// cmake
RUN cmake ../
// compile
RUN make && make install

For more see https://github.com/KSkwarczynski/OA_Docker/blob/main/MaCh3T2K/Dockerfile




Highly inspired by lessons from Luke Pickering

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