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What are these early design decisions embodied by software architecture? Consider:

  1. Will the system run on one processor or be distributed across multiple processors?
  2. Will the software be layered? If so, how many layers will there be? What will each one do?
  3. Will components communicate synchronously or asynchronously? Will they interact by transferring control or data or both?
  4. Will the system depend on specific features of the operating system or hardware?
  5. Will the information that flows through the system be encrypted or not?
  6. What operating system will we use?
  7. What communication protocol will we choose?

Another book Software Architecture Hard Park :

image Figure 2-13. The dimensions of dynamic quantum coupling

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Step to follow break the monolithic application to microservice

  1. identify the size component pattern
  2. gather domain component pattern
  3. flattern component pattern
  4. determine component dependency pattern
  5. create component domain pattern
  6. create domain service pattern