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To add Azure as target


To add Azure as target, you need to complete the following requisites:

  • To have administrator credentials over the Azure Subscriptions.
  • Administrator access over Turbonomic platform.
  • Communication through 80, 443 TCP port bidirectional from Turbonomic server to Azure URLs.

Get the tenant ID:

  1. Login to the Azure portal
  2. Click on the up-right gear
  3. Get the directory ID value and save it.

App registration creation

  1. Go to Azure Active Directory
  2. Click on App Registration

  1. Click on New Registration and create turbonomic (or any other name)
  2. In the Overview window, get the Directory (tenant) ID and Application (client) ID

  1. On the right, click on Add a certificate or secret

  2. Click on New client secret

  3. Type the name "turbonomic access" (or any other name)

  4. Set the expiration time (6 months is the default duration)

  5. Copy the secret ID value. Important: You can see this value only this time, after you close the page, you cannot view it again.

Add permissions to the subscription

  1. In the Azure portal, go to home
  2. Click en the Subscriptions icon
  3. In the Subscriptions page, click on the name of the subscription where you want to give access. (In this case: Visual Studio Ultimate con MSDN)

  1. In the left side, click on Access Control

  1. In the Grant access to this resources box, Click on Add role assignment

  1. In the Add role assignment, click on the contributor or reader role, and click Next. Note: If you want to use Turbonomic automation capabilities, Contributor role is required, but if you only want to use the analysis and recommendations features, reader works well.

  1. In the members tab, click on select members, and in the right side, search for tubonomic and clic select

  1. At the bottom, click on Review + assign button.

Turbonomic Azure target configuration

To add Azure as target on Turbonomic portal:

  1. Login to the Turbonomic portal, using admin credentials.
  2. In the left side, click on Settings

  1. In the Turbonomic Settings Windows, clic on Target Configuration

  1. At top-right, click on New Target button
  2. In the Choose Target Category, click on Public Cloud

  1. In the Choose Target Type windows, click on Azure Service Principal

  1. Enter the tenantID, clientID and the key, generated before.

  1. Wait until the validation process ends (green bar in the left) or check for errors (clicking in the arrow at the right). In case you need to edit/change this target, you can click on the name of the target and you will see the target configuration again.