AWS - lballesterosm/turbo_notes Wiki


To add AWS as target, you need to complete the following requisites:

  • Administrator credentials on the AWS portal.
  • Administrator access on Turbonomic platform.
  • Communication through 80, 443 TCP port bidirectional from Turbonomic server to AWS URLs.

To add AWS as target

  1. Login to the AWS portal
  2. In the Search box, look for IAM.
  3. In the left side, click on Users

  1. Create a turbonomic user, marking Access key - Programmatic access option.

  1. In the Set permissions window, click on Attach existing policies directly and click on AdministratorAccess.

  1. In the Add users window , save the Access key ID and the Secret access key values.

Turbonomic AWS target configuration

To add AWS as target on the Turbonomic portal:

  1. Login to the Turbonomic portal, using admin credentials.
  2. In the left side, click on Settings

  1. In the Turbonomic Settings Windows, click on Target Configuration

  1. At top-right, click on New Target button
  2. In the Choose Target Category, click on Public Cloud

  1. In the Choose Target Type windows, click on AWS

  1. Enter the Target name, access key and secret access key, generated before and click in the Add button.

  1. Wait until the validation process ends (green bar in the left) or check for errors (clicking in the arrow at the right). In case you need to edit/change this target, you can click on the name of the target and you will see the target configuration again.