8. Outlook - laurafo/Augmented-Flight-AVR Wiki

Since we see great potential in Augmented Flight, we want to continue to pursue and improve it. Since we both do not have a master thesis topic yet we are thinking about one of us even working on it further.

Unfortunately, there is one point we did not find a solution in time. The filter does not allow multiple selection of different categories yet. This was very frustrating to both of us and is the first point we want to implement after the exams. What we know so far is that there needs to be an extension of the “Filter Button Click Event” script. The pins need to be integrated into it, so we can access them with the Filter Buttons. Unfortunately we lack in programming skills here and did not manage to find the right method to integrate this functionality. But, we are very confident that we will be able to solve this issue, as we were also able to teach ourselves everything else that we achieved to this point.

We also want to implement the comments of our usability test participants, as we found them very helpful and will make our application even more pleasurable. Some of our participants suggested adding pictures and, if suitable, videos of the various pins. They would also like to read ratings and reviews from previous guests or visitors. Furthermore, another interesting comment, worth implementing, was a direct booking tool for e.g. attractions and sights.

We are excited about what the future holds for this project.