3. GitHub - laurafo/Augmented-Flight-AVR Wiki

In order to both have shared access to our project, we created a new repository on GitHub and included a .gitignore file so we do not waste space and upload folders that are automatically generated at startup either way. To share our work in GitHub, we both installed GitHub Desktop. After we installed GitHub Desktop, we were able to authenticate the application with our accounts on GitHub. Following this, we cloned our repository to our GitHub desktop. To do this, we selected "Clone Repository" under the File menu item in GitHub Desktop. Then a window with three tabs opened and under the first tab "GutHub.com" our repository was already displayed. We selected it and cloned it using the "Clone" button at the bottom right.

After that, GitHub created a folder, with our project, on our desktop and we could open the files locally and put new files in this folder. After we made changes to our project locally, we were able to review them in GitHub Desktop and make a commit. To share these changes within our team, we pushed our commit to GitHub. After that, the other team member was able to pull the changes to their own desktop via GitHub Desktop, allowing them to continue working on the latest version of the project.