Installations - labsquare/cutevariant Wiki


Standalone binary are available for Windows:


Cutevariant is avaible from Pypi :

pip install cutevariant # install
cutevariant             # run

From source

  • Python 3.6 or newer is required
git clone
make install_deps 
make run 

Building your own Windows standalone binary

Each release of cutevariant comes with pre-built Windows binaires, but this procedure can be used when you are on a 'dev' source of the project. Once you have all dependencies installed (+ PyInstaller==4.0), from the root_folder of cutevariant simply run:

pyinstaller -i icon.ico --name="cutevariant_x64" --hidden-import json --add-data "cutevariant;cutevariant" cutevariant\

Then you should have your new Windows exe here: <cutevariant_rootFolder>/dist/cutevariant_x64/cutevariant_x64.exe

Building your own Windows standalone binary with nuitka

First install nuitka in your working environment with: pip install nuitka

Assuming you're positioned in this repository's root folder, run: nuitka --standalone --onefile -o cutevariant.exe --plugin-enable=pyside6 --plugin-enable=numpy --include-data-dir=cutevariant\cutevariant=cutevariant --include-plugin-dir=cutevariant\cutevariant\core --include-plugin-dir=cutevariant\cutevariant\gui --output-dir=<your_output_dir> cutevariant\cutevariant\

Your Windows exe should be here: <your_output_dir>\__main__.dist\__main__.exe