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The first three roles together are called the scrum team.

Relationship with non-scrum roles

In a large organization or a large product, the client, software product manager, product owner, and scrum master can be all different people. In a small start-up company, there may be significant overlap.

Naturally, the client could be the product owner, however, with clients inexperienced with defining clear requirements for developers, a software product manager may represent the client and take on the product owner role instead. If there is not an actual client, as in a mass-market product, then the software product manager may represent the end users, and serve in the product owner role.

A team lead could be the scrum master to facilitate scrum practices by the team. In a small company, a software product manager with leadership qualities may need to take on the scrum master role. In any case of involvement, it is important for software product managers to understand the scrum roles and their responsibilities.