Journal Entry Week 3 20220912 - klmartinez/DSF Wiki

This week for Journal Club we read and discussed the following articles:

  1. Our path to better science in less time using open data science tools
  2. Ten Simple Rules for Cultivating Open Science and Collaborative R&D
  3. Ten Simple Rules for Getting Help from Online Scientific Communities

I found the first article to be particularly helpful as it recounted the experience a lab had in developing Open Science infrastructure in their own lab as well as detailing the specific steps they took. I found Table 1 especially useful and inspired me to replicate this table for myself and my own goals:


This week was also our first week of FOSS where we covered the topic of Open Science and were also provided links detailing CyVerse's cyberinfrastructure. I appreciated the conversations on the 6 Pillars of Open Science (1. open access publications, 2. open data, 3. open methodoloy, 4. open education resources, 5. open sources software, and 6. open peer review) as well as the conversations on why Open Science matters in education, research, and society.

During this first FOSS meeting I was also introduced to HackMD which is a realtime, multi-platform collaborative markdown knowledge base. Our notes from the first meeting can be found here.

Other useful links: