Adding NPCs to the Ungendered Overrides List - karashiiro/TextToTalk Wiki

By default, NPCs in the game only have genders of 0 and 1, regardless of their canonical gender (or lack thereof). As such, any ungendered characters need to be specified by us in order to be properly reflected in-game. Here is a workflow for adding an NPC to the ungendered overrides list:

  1. Fork this repository using the "Fork" button on the top-right of this page.
  2. Navigate to the overrides file in your own fork of the repository.
  3. Click "Edit".
  4. Add the model ID of the NPC to be added to the overrides file. You can get the model ID of an NPC by speaking to them in-game and checking the log file. There should be a line showing the NPC's name and model ID, along with their detected gender.
  5. Add a comment next to the model ID in the overrides file by using the ; character that includes the name of the NPC that you are adding. This is so that we can change the ID if the model for an NPC changes in the future.
  6. Open a pull request to merge your change into the origin version of the repository. You can do this by navigating to the "Pull requests" tab and clicking the "New pull request" button.
  7. I'll merge the pull request and create a new release with the change. If there were any errors in the above steps, I'll point them out and (politely) ask you to fix them.

If you can't do all of these steps, you can instead either:

  1. Get the model ID and NPC name, and open an issue with those two pieces of information so I can add them myself.
  2. Provide a non-quest-locked method of getting the NPC's speech (journal replays are acceptable) so I can get those two pieces of information on my own.