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⚙️ Configuration Commands

💡 All the following configuration commands are functionally similar and are used the same way. They have a number of properties that can be modified for your specific server.

Command Usage

Configuration commands accept the following types of input:

Basic Command Usage Example

Using a configuration command by itself will provide an interactive embed you can use to view and modify its settings. For example, the configuration command containing channel features is features. Running the features command will allow you to edit channel features through an interactive Discord message.

Advanced Command Usage

❗️ The following examples continue to use the feature command as an example, but the command syntax is the same for all configuration commands listed below. ❗️

❓ If you are confused with the advanced command usage, the basic command usage above will provide you with all the options you need. Power users may find the advanced syntax more convenient. As you may see in this wiki for example, it is quicker and easier to explain enabling the music bot in a channel with the advanced syntax, as config music enable.

To list the current settings inside the feature command without changing them, you would use feature list. This would provide you with the features currently enabled in that channel.

To view the current value of a specific setting within feature, for example music, you would use feature music.

To manually set the value of a specific setting within feature, for example music, you would use feature music enable,

feature music true, feature music 1, or feature music toggle would also accomplish this.

Property types

As you may expect, different configuration properties take different types of values.

The majority of configuration settings will be the toggle (boolean) type, and the setting can be either enabled (true) or disabled (false).

Some properties may take a string, allowing you to set any custom message you want.

Some properties may take a number.

The features Command: Channel Features

The features command is used to modify the optional features enabled in a specific channel.

Tracker features are enabled but locked to moderators by default.

To view an interactive embed within Discord to change enabled features, simply run the features command.

Available options in features:

Setting Description Type Default Value
anime Allows the anime list tracker feature in this channel, allowing users to track their anime lists and have any updates posted automatically in the channel by the bot. toggle enabled
streams Allows the livestream/video upload trackers in this channel. This includes youtube (uploads/streams), twitch (streams), twitcasting (streams). toggle enabled
twitter Allows the Twitter tracker to be used in this channel. toggle enabled
ps2 Allows the PS2 trackers to be used in this channel. toggle enabled
music Enables music bot commands to be used in this channel. toggle disabled
temp Enables temporary voice channel creation from the temp command in this channel. toggle disabled
search If enabled, the internet "search"/lookup commands will be available for use. These may be spammy, so are likely only desired in a "bot commands" channel. This includes: twitch, urbandictionary, calc, xkcd toggle disabled
log Enables moderation logs in this channel. This is automatically enabled through the log command, so this property should not be touched unless you want to disable all logs to a channel. toggle disabled
(but automatically enabled by using log command)
lock If enabled, the track command will be restricted to channel moderators (Manage Messages permission). toggle enabled
starboarded If enabled, messages in this channel are able to be voted onto your server's starboard (if a starboard is also configured). toggle enabled

Example to enable music commands in a channel:

Listing enabled channel features in the server

You can check the channels in your server with currently enabled features with the channels command.

Usage: channels

The musicbot Command

musicbot allows you to configure settings that directly affect the behavior of the music bot feature.

The listtracker Command

listtracker allows you to configure the anime/manga list tracker for a specific Discord channel, changing what types of list updates trigger a bot message to be sent.

The log Command

log allows you to register a channel to receive moderation logs, and add or remove which types of logs will be sent to it.

The streamcfg Command

The streamcfg command allows you to configure the livestream tracker for a specific Discord channel, allowing you to change the stream information included in the bot message.

The youtube Command

The youtube command allows you to configure notifications delivered by the YouTube tracker to a specific Discord channel.

The twitter Command

The twitter command allows you to configure the Twitter tracker for a specific Discord channel, changing what types of Twitter activities trigger a bot message to be sent.

The reactions Command

The reactions command currently only contains one option: changing reactionroles in a Discord channel to be "verification"/"clean" style. If the clean setting is enabled, when users react to a reaction role setup, the bot will remove the reaction after assigning/removing their role. This is helpful if users do not need to see how many users reacted to receive a role. This method is required for reaction roles with more than a few thousand reactions, as Discord may stop sending all the available reactions to users, seemingly breaking the reaction channel.

Setting Type Default Value
clean toggle disabled

The servercfg Command

The servercfg (or guildcfg, guildsettings) command provides access to certain server-wide features that you may want to edit for your specific server needs.

Available options in servercfg:

Setting Description Type Default Value
reassign This feature reassigns users their previous roles if they leave and rejoin your server. toggle disabled
urlinfo If a Twitch channel is linked, this feature posts information on URLs posted in Twitch chat. toggle disabled
invites Allows FBK to pull the server's active invite codes. This is required for invite-specific autoroles or invite codes to display in the user join log. This option may disable itself if FBK has access denied to server invites at any point. toggle enabled
publish If enabled, messages from tracked targets (e.g. YouTube/Twitch/Twitter feeds) the bot posts in an Announcement channel will be "published" to subscribed servers automatically. toggle disabled
reactiontl If enabled, users can react to messages with the 🗣 emoji to request a translation. toggle enabled
ps2 If enabled, the PS2 lookup commands will be enabled. This is not relevant for most servers. toggle disabled
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