Build Package Requirements - jrsteensen/OpenHornet Wiki

Organized by End Item

|- OpenHornet Simulator (OHS)
   |- Upper Instrument Panel (UIP)
   |- Lower Instrument Panel (LIP)
   |- Left Console (LC)
   |- Right Console (RC)
   |- Center Tub (CT)
   |- Ejection Seat (ES)

Assembly & Fabrication Drawings

  • Only the OH Drawing Template shall be used for all MCAD drawings.
  • All drawings will be arranged using third angle projection.
  • Standard notes shall be used, and tailored as required.
  • All lettering shall use upper case only, except where permitted (i.e. "mm" not "MM").
  • Use a parts list for each assembly in the drawing. (Fusion is not capable of additional dash-number columns.)
  • Do not section hardware (bearings, screws, fasteners, etc.)
  • Use "FN" for Find Number, "FL" for Flag Note.
  • Mark parts not to be ordered as "REF" or if included with another part as "PART OF FN x" where x is the FN of the part the sub-part is included with.
  • Initial revision shall be rev "-", not blank.

External document references:

  • All references to panel build: OH-SPEC-0001: Panels (Add actual flag note)
  • All drawings with an electronic component will refer to the appropriate interconnect. (Fill out with actual list of flag notes)

Interconnect Diagrams


Parts Lists


Fabrication Files

DXF Files

  • DXFs shall be named based upon the following criteria, where rev is the drawing revision. The first revision shall be "-":
    • MDF_.750_OH1A3A2-28_-.55.dxf
    • ACRYLIC_WHITE_.125_OH4A7-384_C.33.dxf
    • ACRYLIC_CLEAR_.250_OH3A7-123_A.15.dxf

STL Files

  • All 3D Printed parts will have an STL file. They should be saved in an optimal print orientation to minimize the need for support material, and face against print bed when item is operator-facing.
  • STLs shall be saved in binary STL format.
  • Each file shall be named based upon the drawing revision and print type. The first revision shall be "-":
    • FDM_<PN>_<REV>.<VERSION # OF MODEL>.stl (i.e. FDM_OH1A1A1-483_-.22.stl)
    • RESIN_<PN>_<REV>.<VERSION # OF MODEL>.stl (i.e. RESIN_OH1A1A2-374_-.27.stl)

Electronics Manufacturing Files


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