Github Actions - jpvlsmv/cc-template-pack Wiki

The cc-template-pack has a few github actions that can be useful for your pack. For security reasons, you must enable github actions for your own repo.


Required action permissions: actions/[email protected], rlespinasse/[email protected], softprops/[email protected], cardinalby/[email protected]

Runs when a tag is pushed that looks like v#.#.# with an optional -RC#

This action creates a .crbl file that can be used to import your pack into your environment.


Required action permissions: actions/[email protected]

Runs when new commits are added to the main branch, or can be run manually through the github web UI.

This action looks for files in the repo's local directory that might be overriding the configurations in default. Ordinarily, a pack will not deliver any files in local. If you use the pack export feature in merge mode, and import that .crbl back into your repository, there will not be any files in local either. If you pull in your changes from the worker filesystem, you may end up with local files.