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📙 Problem Solving and Teamwork


Create Team

Create teams of 2-3 people. In these teams you will be coming up with a seminar/lesson based on a randomly assigned topic (see the table below).

Seminar/Lesson Criteria

The expected length of your seminar/lesson is 25-35 minutes. These will be completed at the beginning of the class on the date you are assigned.

Your seminar/lesson should include:

  • A presentation, and
  • An interactive element (activity of some sort) that aligns with the work presented (other than a Kahoot quiz).

Topic Breakdown

Group members Topic Presentation Date
(01) Identify groups and programs that are available to support students who are interested in pursuing non-traditional career choices related to information systems and computer science. Nov 15, 2022
(02) Different problem solving strategies including: stepwise refinement, divide and conquer, working backwards, extreme cases, tables and charts, and trial and error. Nov 16, 2022
(03) What the phases, milestones, and products that are required in a typical software development life cycle, and how to use them. Nov 17, 2022
(04) What the negative effects are of computers on the environment and on human health. Nov 18, 2022
(05) A government agency and a community partner that provide resources and guidance for environmental stewardship and a detailed analysis of what they are actually doing (not just based on their own website data). Nov 21, 2022
(06) An area of collaborative research between computer science and another field, and how the field would be different if computer science was not involved. Nov 22, 2022
(07) An in-depth detailed comparison between source code and machine code. Nov 23, 2022
(08) An in-depth detailed comparison between functions of applications, programming languages, and operating systems. Nov 24, 2022
(09) An in-depth detailed comparison and analysis between interpreters and compilers. Nov 28, 2022
(10) How computers internally represent data, how to use the ASCII table, and how to convert the data (binary/hexadecimal) into numbers we can understand (decimal) more easily. Nov 29, 2022
(11) Procedures to safeguard data and programs from malware, as well as demonstrating a thorough system protection plan. Nov 30, 2022

NOTE: If there are any issues with your scheduled date of presentation, you must advise the week prior in order to set up a different date.

Interim Submissions

There will be interim submissions required about the status of your project. See your teacher for how this will be completed.


Any references you needed should be cited based on the below information.

  • Cite your work using APA, MLA, or Chicago format (whichever one you want) in the citations section of the template provided.
  • Cite all images used. You can use just hyperlinks for the citing of images.
  • Your sources, title, and name do not count towards your word-count limits.

Due Dates and Submission Details

Each group will have a different presentation date for this project, per above.

Please see the due dates page for more details on when this is due and how to submit your work.

Learning Goals and Success Criteria

The Overarching Learning Goals for this include Computers and Algorithms. The specific learning goal(s) for this include:

  • We are learning to solve problems related to distinct components of a computer or computer science. 📙📙
Learning Goal Success Criteria Learning and Improvement Comments
📙📙 I can solve problems as part of a team.
📙📙 I can communicate information about the status of this project effectively throughout the project.
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