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📗 Post-Secondary Opportunities


This is a multi-step assignment, take your time to ensure you are completing them properly.

Task 1 (Collaborative Research Field)

Computer science collaborates with different fields of study and work together to solve larger problems. Choose a collaborative research field/career from the list below:

  • Architect
  • Artist
  • Big data analyst
  • Bioinformatic scientist
  • Climatologist
  • Geologist
  • Health sciences (hearing)
  • Health sciences (vision)
  • Industrial robotics
  • Linguistics
  • Sociologist

No more than three individuals can work on the same topic for this assignment.

Task 2 (Career Choice)

Choose a career strongly related to the collaborative research field above.

Task 3 (Research)

Complete research to determine the following:

  • Find trends relating to the outlook of the career above.
    • Find trends locally (Ontario), nationally (Canada), and abroad (anywhere but Ontario or Canada).
    • Examples of trends can include how the career has done in the past (pay, amount of jobs, etc.) and how they are forecast to be in the future. For example: "The current salary of ________ in Ontario is $XX,XXX per year. The pay has increased by Y% since Z years ago. The future outlook of this job is ________."
  • Other than cooperative education (co-op), identify experiential learning opportunities relating to the career chosen above.
  • Find multiple post-secondary programs that lead to the career above. Suggested inclusions: admission requirements, tuition, why someone would choose that particular school, etc.

Your research does not have to be submitted as the research is not assessed, but have it available if requested.

Task 4 (Written Product)

Upon completing research, collate your information into a report-style single webpage on replit. For this, we are looking for a webpage that is similar to a report (headings, text, graphs, etc.). This is more of a written representation rather than a visual representation of the information.

Ensure your information is specific and not generalized ideas that could apply to anything.

Task 5 (Citations)

  • Cite your work using APA, MLA, or Chicago format (whichever one you want).
  • Cite all images used. You can use just hyperlinks for the citing of images.

Due Dates and Submission Details

Please see the due dates page for more details on when this is due and how to submit your work.

Learning Goals and Success Criteria

The Overarching Learning Goal(s) for this include Digital Scholar. The specific Learning Goal(s) for this include:

  • We are learning to investigate post-secondary education and career prospects related to a career in a collaborative research field. 📗📗
Learning Goal Success Criteria Learning and Improvement Comments
📗📗📗 I can research and describe trends in careers that require computer skills, using local, national and international sources in the chosen field.
📗📗📗 I can identify experiential learning opportunities relating to the career chosen (other than co-op placement).
📗📗📗 I can research and report on post-secondary programs leading to careers in the chosen field.