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📗 Emerging Technologies


This is a multi-step assignment, take your time to ensure you are completing them properly.

Task 1 (Emerging Technology)

Choose an emerging technology (Seidel's class: first-come-first-served, fill out the Google Sheet provided on Google Classroom). Ensure that you choose something that relates to computer science in some way.

Task 2 (Complete Research)

Based on your choice of emerging technology, complete research to determine the following:

  • What the emerging technology is and how it works,
  • How will the emerging technology impact societies (both positively and negatively),
  • What ethical concerns are generated by the emerging technology (i.e., during creation, once it's in the hands of consumers, etc. will everyone have access, can it be misused, etc., for example: does it exclude, or show bias towards, certain races or socioeconomic groups),
  • How can the emerging technology help to reduce the impact of computers/technology on the environment.

Your research does not have to be submitted as it is not assessed, but have it available if requested.

Task 3 (Visual Product)

Upon completing research, summarize your information into a concise single webpage on replit. For this, we are looking for minimal words, but a more visual representation of the information.

Ensure your information is specific and not generalized ideas that could apply to anything.

Task 4 (Citations)

  • Cite your work using APA, MLA, or Chicago format (whichever one you want).
  • Cite all images used. You can use just hyperlinks for the citing of images.
  • Your citations can be on a separate webpage, page, or at the end of the video.

Task 5 (Present Your Information)

You will be presenting your data in a one-on-one manner with the teacher. This is an interactive presentation where the teacher will be testing your knowledge of the information you are providing. Be prepared to answer difficult questions and understand all of the acronyms in your presentation.

Due Dates and Submission Details

Please see the due dates page for more details on when this is due and how to submit your work.

Learning Goals and Success Criteria

The Overarching Learning Goal(s) for this include Digital Scholar. The specific Learning Goal(s) for this include:

  • We are learning to analyze the impact of emerging technologies on society and the environment, as well as ethical concerns related therein. 📗
Learning Goal Success Criteria Learning and Improvement Comments
📗 I can describe the negative effects of the emerging technology on the environment.
📗 I can describe possible ways in which computer software can (or could be) used to support environmental protection measures.
📗 I can research and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of what the emerging technology is.
📗 I can research and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the societal impacts of an emerging technology.
📗 I can research and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the ethical impacts of an emerging technology.
📗 I can create the report in the requested format (HTML/CSS).
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