Our recommendations - joeriBouwman25/bubble-machine Wiki

Recommendations for Yuri

  • Dynamic Simulation parameters: the possibility to adjust the parameters after the user created a simulation session
  • Websocket data differs from the REST API Data, therefore it's not working smoothly, it would be nice if the object keys from the socket data matches the data from the REST API
  • Multiple different types of data visualization (heatmap, force-directed) have been made in our prototypes, and we think that's a good idea to add a button to change the graph style for different situations like showing groups or showing how much influence items have on people.
  • Or versions make a lot of items, but it could be better if with every step the unused items will be deleted.
  • We did make a zoom in function in the first prototypes, but when converting to D3 this code stopped working. D3 has a function that can do this automatically, we've tried this in the last week, but was too buggy to keep it in the final prototype.
  • Make it possible to search through steps or jump to a certain step. It also would be nice to have a function in the API to take one step back.
  • Distance graph that shows the average distance between persons works but is not shown in the latest version of the prototype because this one has a couple of bugs. The function is in this repository but not connected to the application.
  • The last item that is not fully working is the SVG you download not working offline. The fix here is adding the CSS inside the SVG.

We hope this helps you in the next versions of the bubble machine.