1.1 Quick Start - jmstoolbox/jmstoolbox Wiki

Installing JMSToolBox

JMSTool keeps all its configuration data under the "<user>\.jtb" directory

Updating JMSToolBox

To update JMSToolBox, simply delete the "JMSToolBox" directory created by the unzip and do a new installation. The configuration files will be kept intact.

Uninstalling JMSToolBox

To uninstall JMSToolBox, remove both the directory created by the unzip and also the "<user>\.jtb" directory

Configuring a Queue Provider

In order to access a specific Queue Provider, it is necessary to have the jars for this Queue manager Usually, if those jars can be freely distributed, they are included with JMSToolBox For the others, for legal reasons, necessary jars are not bundled with JMSToolBox and you must provide them to JMSToolBox to access the Q Provider

To configure a Queue provider:

Configuring a Session