Project Setup Instructions - jidone7061/mywebclass-simulation GitHub Wiki

Project Setup Instructions

1. GitHub

Create GitHub account and send your GitHub account name to John Idone. You will be added to the project as a Contributor so that you will have more than read-only rights.

2. Download and Install the Required software

The default installation options should suffice but you can customize if desired.

3. Clone the repo

Open PyCharm and start a New Project:


If this isn't your first project, you will see this instead:


Sign in to GitHub. This will open a browser for you to complete the process:

pycharm-github-oauth pycharm-github-oauth-success

Note that your are signed into GitHub. Input this URL: and hit Clone.


4. Install Node Dependencies and Run

Open the Terminal from the bottom menu. Enter the commands:

npm install
npm start

This will trigger webpack to open which will launch your browser to the project running on your localhost.