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Let’s explore some existing European cloud initiatives that aim to strengthen digital sovereignty and promote secure, sustainable cloud infrastructures:

European Commission Cloud Strategy:

The European Commission has adopted a cloud-first approach with a focus on secure hybrid multi-cloud services. This strategy aligns with the overarching European Commission Digital Strategy1. European Alliance on Industrial Data and Cloud: Launched in 2021, this alliance brings together Member States, industries, and experts to design detailed business, investment, and implementation plans for deploying the next generation of cloud capacities for both the public and private sectors2.

Member state of the European Union

EU Data Strategy:

The EU Data Strategy aims to facilitate the move to the edge while developing interoperable cloud and edge services. Key actions include: Investing in an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) to federate energy-efficient and trustworthy cloud infrastructures. Developing SIMPL, an open-source, sustainable, and secure middleware for cloud-to-edge federations. Compiling an EU Cloud Rulebook and providing guidance on public procurement of data processing services3.

Edge computing

Edge Computing and Cloud Continuum:

Recognizing the growing data volume, the EU emphasizes the importance of both edge computing and cloud computing. By 2025, it is expected that 80% of data will be processed in smart devices closer to users (edge computing). Energy-efficient and trustworthy infrastructures are crucial for this continuum3.

EU Cloud Certification Scheme:

The EU is working on a certification scheme to ensure secure and interoperable cloud services. This will boost confidence among users and providers when moving to the cloud4. Europe

European Open Science Cloud (EOSC):

EOSC aims to provide researchers with seamless access to a wide range of data, computing, and storage resources across Europe. It promotes collaboration and data sharing in the scientific community4.

Remember, these initiatives are part of a broader effort to enhance Europe’s digital capabilities and protect data privacy while fostering innovation. 🌐🇪🇺