Feature List - jaeyoungh1/API_Project Wiki

User Authentication

  • New users can create an account with their name, username, email address, and password. If signup data is invalid, users will be informed about the validations they failed to pass.
  • New users without an account can log in as a demo user.
  • Existing users can log into their account and check spots they are hosting.
  • Existing users can log into their account and create reviews for spots.
  • Only logged-in users can access certain features, such as creating reviews and spots.
  • Users can log out anytime and are redirected to the home page.


  • HeirBnB is an online marketplace for temporary lodging. Users can explore the spots that are listed by other users.
  • Spot details are available, including price per night, average rating, and images.
  • Name, description, price, and location are required for users to list their spot on the platform. Users are able to edit this information for their own spots.
  • Only owners can edit or delete their own spots by navigating to "My Spots" in their profile dropdown.


  • Each spot has a list of reviews that other users have created for that spot.
  • A spot's owner is not able to review their own spot. A user may not create another review for a spot they have already reviewed but may edit their existing review.
  • Reviews can include review images, which can be added upon review creation.
  • Users may access all reviews they've written by navigating to "My Reviews" in their profile drop down. On this page, they may edit existing reviews as well as delete their reviews.

Future Focus

  • Adding bookings feature where a user is able to book "stays" at spots that they do not own.