Inbox - itsfuad/Poketab-Messenger GitHub Wiki


Sending message

  • You can send message by pressing Enter or Ctrl+Enter. You can choose this settings from the quick settings panel.
  • To see the options for the message reply or reacts,
  • If you’re on PC then right click on message.
  • For mobile devices, long press.
  • You can send your location by pressing the gps button before image button.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Options panel Alt+o
  • Quick settings Alt+s
  • Stickers Alt+i
  • Attachments Alt+a
  • Choose files Alt+f
  • Choose photos Alt+p
  • Choose music Alt+m
  • Close menu ESC
  • Themes Alt+t

You can drag and drop files or images. You can directly paste files to send afterwards.