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Post your ideas here or to the istSOS mailing list if you want to discuss them.

Include "istSOS" in the title of our idea to easily distinguish ideas and projects inside OSGeo.

Title of idea

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  • Requirements:
  • Project length: (175 or 350 hours)
  • Mentor:
  • Proposed by:
  • Rating:
  • Expected Outcomes:
  • Test of skills:
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Support 'images & documents' as observation type

As of today istSOS only manage numeric observations. This is a limitation whenever the observation is of file type, it might be an image, a report or any other file-like resource.

  • Requirements: Python and PostGIS
  • Mentor: Massimiliano Cannata
  • Co-Mentor: Daniele Strigaro
  • Project length: 175 or 350 (take your pick)
  • Rating: medium
  • Expected Outcomes: support of file type observations & associated documentation
  • Test of Skill: Contributors interested in working on this project idea must successfully perform the following tasks in the Contributor application period.
    • Test for the understanding of Github (Version Control): Fork the istSOS Github repository and create a task list in the issues section of the repository.
    • Create a pull request to the istSOS repository with your code.

The link to the Github repository should be mentioned in the final Contributor proposal for the Google Summer of Code 2023.