Using Alpine Linux repositories - ish-app/ish Wiki

Using Alpine Linux repositories

The packages in Alpine Linux repositories are more updated than iSH's own repositories and have packages whose size > 512 MB as well. To use it to replace iSH's own repositories, run:

echo >> /etc/apk/repositories
echo >> /etc/apk/repositories
sed -i -e '/http:\/\/' /etc/apk/repositories 

Note : currently points to v3.14. Once this file points to a newer version, the above commands can be updated to match.

Note : The reason why iSH has its own repositories is so that the app is entirely self-contained so that iSH with apk can pass app review. The repositories are a pseudo apk filesystem mounted on /ish/apk that when read, will actually download from App Store as on-demand resources. It also means that Apple can review all packages in iSH's repositories.