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MATT Targeting

Most actions have multiple of the following targets; depending on the action, the types of entity able to selected will differ.

Select Entity / Select Location

Used by almost all actions, once you click this button, the tile & action windows will minimize, allowing you select a target. If you want to select a token, you will have to swap to the token layer. Same goes for tiles, lights, sound, & terrain. Depending on the action, some of them will automatically swap to certain layers; if the action is only able to target a tile, it swaps to the tile layer.

Some action types also allow you select an entity within the various directories (scenes, actors, etc), or within a compendium.

To select a location, just click a valid entity type or click a blank spot on the canvas; if the location is covered by a tile, just swap to the token layer to be able to select a grid spot on the canvas.

There's very little reason to use Select Entity on most actions anymore except for the few that Use Tagger isn't available for, or for specific grid coordinates. Use "Use Tagger" below instead.-Crow

This Tile

Used by actions that can affect tiles or some actions with destinations; it just sets the tile to target itself, or the destination to be the tile.

Triggering Token

Used by actions that can target tokens; the target will be set to the token that triggered the tile. Generally, you'll only want this for the first action or following some redirects.

If you have multiple tokens selected when triggering a tile, then all of them will be part of the Triggering Token Collection.

Tokens Within Triggering Tile

Used by actions that can target tokens; this will target all tokens within the triggering tile, not just the token that triggered it.

Please note, that this targeting option on the first action combined with an Enter trigger will not target the triggering token; when the code runs it generally will not be within the tile enough to be counted.

This is also used with Activate/Deactivate to select lights & sounds within the tile.

Use Player Tokens

Used by actions that can target tokens; this will target all Player Character assigned tokens on the scene.

Use Current Action Collection

“Current Tokens is essentially the current set of entities that Active Tiles is "looking" at. What Active Tiles looks at, can be changed by filters or by actions like requesting a roll. So the triggering tokens will always be the same, the ones that did the triggering. Current tokens can change depending on what's selected.” -Ironmonk88

Use Tagger

Available for many actions; this requires the Tagger module. It will attempt to perform its action on all valid entities on the scene with the matching Tag. See Use Tagger for more information.

Currently Playing

Only used with Playlist. It affects the currently playing playlist track.

Original Destination

Only used with Move in conjunction with Stop Token Movement to have the token continue to their original destination after their movement was stopped.

User Selector

Used with various actions that display information or involve users in some way; the Select Entity button can be used to directly select a user in the player list, or the dropdown can be used to configure which groups of users are targeted.

  • Everyone
  • Players Only
  • GM Only
  • Triggering Player
  • Triggering Token Owner Any users who have ownership of the Triggering Token; this does not include the GM, as they automatically have ownership of anything in Foundry. This can be used to trigger a tile as the GM while still involving the player who owns the token.
  • Current Tokens Owner As above, but the Current Token Collection instead of the Triggering Token.
  • Current Users The Current Users Collection, if one exists.

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