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Handlebar Expressions

Handlebar expressions can be used to display or normalize data in actions.

Wherever you place the handlebars, it will instead be treated as the actual data; IE: {{}} will be treated as Gamemaster if Gamemaster triggers that action.

You may need to include [0] if there is an array, such as more than one current token or more than one roll table result.

If your result includes special characters, use triple handlebars on each side: {{{value.text.[0]}}}.

  • {{}} The name of the associated actor of the current token.
  • {{darkness}} The scene's darkness level.
  • {{method}} How the tile was triggered.
  • {{}} The name of the scene the triggered tile is on.
  • {{time}} The world clock's time in minutes after midnight.
  • {{}} The name of the current token.
  • {{}} The name of the current user.
  • {{value.entityType.length}} The number of entities of that type returned by a Check Entity Count.
  • {{value.items.[0].name}} If used following an Add Item action, it will use the item name.
  • {{value.round}} The combat round value when triggered by the Combat Round trigger.
  • {{{value.text.[0]}}} If used following a Roll Table action, it will use the result if it was a text entry; see the Random NPC Dialog sample tile.
  • {{}} ID of the first token in the current token collection.
  • {{value.turn}} The combat turn value when triggered by the Combat Turn Start trigger.
  • {{variable.valuename}} References a stored variable.

Handlebars can also reference an entity's attributes; {{token.skills.prc.passive}}, or {{tile.texture.src}}. Depending on the use case, entity may need to be used in place of either token or tile.

Using Handlebar Expressions

These are just examples; all actions with value or text fields accept handlebar expressions now.

  • Alter can alter an attribute by referencing a variable value; or alter a string to match a different expression.
  • Chat Message can display any of these in the chat message.
  • Jump to Landing can jump to a landing whose name matches the result of the expression.
  • Send Notification can display any of these in the notification.

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