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In order to conduct deploys, the following one-time setup steps must be performed:

  1. Add your username to the docker group, using the following commands:
ssh -A ol-<host>
sudo usermod -a -G docker <your-username>
  1. Request that a team member send you a Docker Hub invitation.
  2. Ensure that you are in the staff group in ol-home0.
  3. SSH from ol-home0 to every other node, agreeing to the prompt with "yes".

Checklist for Deployment

  1. Check merged PRs to get an idea of potential risks (update dates):
  2. Open up monitoring dashboards (We recommend adding these (along with this guide) to a bookmark folder; then you can click "Open all" when you're about to do a deploy!)
  3. Confirm staging is working as expected:
  4. Warn slack channels #openlibrary-g and #openlibrary of deploy and momentary downtime
  5. Follow one-time set-up instructions found here
  6. Deploy to Production
    • ssh -A ol-home0
      cd /opt/openlibrary
      # Pull olystem and openlibrary before continuing
      # so we have latest docker-compose, etc
      # NOTE: Ensure that the `master` branch is checked out first.
      sudo git fetch origin master && sudo git reset --hard origin/master
      time /opt/openlibrary/scripts/deployment/  # 15min
      # Ensure all the git repos are in sync across all servers
      # Deploy the static files to ol-www1 ; this will not be needed once it's using docker
      CUR_SHA=$(sudo git rev-parse HEAD | head -c7)        
      docker cp $(docker create --rm openlibrary/olbase:latest):/openlibrary/static $STATIC_DIR
      rsync -rvz $STATIC_DIR/ ol-www1:$STATIC_DIR
      ssh -A ol-www1 "
        sudo rm -r /opt/openlibrary/openlibrary/static-backup || true;
        sudo chown -R openlibrary:openlibrary $STATIC_DIR;
        sudo mv /opt/openlibrary/openlibrary/{static,static-backup};
        sudo mv $STATIC_DIR /opt/openlibrary/openlibrary/static;
      # Restart things (check the site and sentry after each)
      /opt/openlibrary/scripts/deployment/ ol-web1 ol-covers0
      /opt/openlibrary/scripts/deployment/ ol-home0 && docker restart openlibrary_infobase_nginx_1
      /opt/openlibrary/scripts/deployment/ ol-web2
      # Not currently production facing
      /opt/openlibrary/scripts/deployment/ ol-www0
  • Notify slack of deploy completion


Greetings deployer! You are one of the select few who has privileged access to Internet Archive infrastructure and is tasked with the important responsibility of deploying the Open Library website. Deploys typically occur on Thursday, after the candidate code has had a few days to be tested on staging ( The following are instructions that we hope will ease your journey towards a successful deployment of the Open Library system. For more information on the system architecture, please refer to the Production Provisioning Guide

Recovering from a Failed Deployment

NPM Package-lock.json issues


  • ssh'ing to ol-home0 and cd'ing to /opt/ol-mek
  • sudo git stash && sudo git checkout master && sudo git pull origin master
  • sudo git checkout -b fix-package-lock
  • sudo rm package-lock.json
  • docker exec -it ol-mek_web_1 npm i
  • sudo git add package-lock.json && sudo git commit -m "fix package lock" && git push origin fix-package-lock
  • opening && reviewing & merging a pull request for fix-package-lock
  • ssh -A ol-home0 and cd /opt/openlibrary and git pull origin master
  • re-running build instructions from

Rolling Back

To roll back to a previous deploy, run: OLIMAGE="openlibrary/olbase:3f372be" /opt/openlibrary/scripts/deployment/ ol-web1, replacing the SHA with the sha you want to roll back to (run docker image ls for options).


  • Only the last ~2 deploys are kept around
  • You cannot rollback JS/CSS changes easily, since they are outside of the docker flow.

Patch Deploying a PR

Sometimes, an issue will be high priority and must be deployed directly and independently of whatever else might be on master. To patch deploy a specific PR:

  1. Go to eg, and copy the url (it will redirect)
  2. Go to each web node
  3. docker exec -it openlibrary_web_1 bash (make sure your user is in the docker group)
  4. curl 'URL' | git apply
  5. Exit the docker container exit
  6. Restart the container docker restart openlibrary_web_1
  7. Test that the fix is live
  8. Add "Patch Deployed" label to the PR

Reverting a Patch Deployment

A patch deployment can be reverted by following the above steps, adding -R to the end of step 4:

curl 'URL' | git apply -R

Recovering from Restart Loops

On ol-home0, a live, breaking change could be made to certain services, e.g. affiliate-service which result in the service entering a restart loop. In order to fix this and resume from a clean-slate, the service may be taken down with:

docker rm -f openlibrary_affiliate-server_1

And then brought back up online with:

COMPOSE_FILE="docker-compose.yml:docker-compose.production.yml" HOSTNAME=$HOSTNAME docker-compose up -d affiliate-server

Deployment Development

Spin up a Vanilla Container for Dev

Once you've built a release of an olbase image, you can use the following command to spin up a vanilla container for testing commands: docker run -it --rm openlibrary/olbase:latest bash. This is especially useful for testing whether deploys are working correctly and if commands (such as npm ci) succeed.

Deploying to

Staff can deploy by using the PR Deploy bookmarklet (ask @cdrini).

This can be done manually by looking at the instructions within _dev-merged.txt on ol-dev1:/opt/openlibrary. The first step is to run the dev_merged script via sudo ./scripts/ _dev-merged.txt dev-merged and then down-up the container:

cd /opt/openlibrary
sudo ./scripts/ _dev-merged.txt dev-merged
docker-compose down
COMPOSE_FILE="docker-compose.yml:docker-compose.staging.yml" HOSTNAME=$HOSTNAME docker-compose up --no-deps -d memcached web
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