2021 10 22 - ineshbose/portion-mate Wiki

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22-10-2021 11:30 Catchup Zoom


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Item Description
Repository automation • Workflow setup
• Using GitHub features
Block 2 plan


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Repository setup ineshbose The repository was polished more as issue tracking was promised, therefore coding started with the pipelines rather than the app itself. This was displayed with a demonstration of how issues are linked to card on the automated Kanban Boards, along with issue templates and labels, that would be connected to branches created by automation.
Current plan oanaandrei More specifications were formalised - mostly user stories/personas. By now, Block 1 (as devised by Dr. Andrei, and used as a planning period) should be wrapped, and Block 2 has started (setup & development period). The current task is to work on Block 2 tasks, and finish the few remaining Block 1 tasks (wireframes).


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