Bill of Materials - ilikecake/ESP32-Wall-Display GitHub Wiki

This is a list of all the parts needed to make this project. Many of the smaller parts can be purchased from alternate suppliers. The links provided are where I bought the parts.


Part Description
ESP32-S3 FeatherIn theory any feather board with wifi should work, but you will probably need to mess with the libraries to get it to work if you use something else.
Feather OLED Display
NeopixelYou only need one, but they come in 4 packs.
BME280 Breakout
Male HeadersThese are shorter than standard headers.
Female HeadersThese are shorter than standard headers.
5V, 1A Power SupplyAny power supply that produces 5V at 1A or more will work. You probably don't even need 1A on the power supply.
USB Power Entry PCBCustom PCB designed by me.
USB Type C Plug
Resistors, 5.1K, 603 SizeYou need two of these.
Stemma QT CableLength does not really matter, you need about 1in of wires past the connector.
Wire You will need various short lengths of wire. I suggest 30 gage for this. If you don't have anything lying around, you can get some at Amazon that is probably fine for ths.


I bought these parts from McMaster-Carr. The links below are for packages of more than one, so you only need to buy one of each.

Part P/N Quantity
Nut, #2-56, 3/16” Hex, CRES 91841A003 10
PHMS, #2-56, 1/4” Length, CRES 91772A077 10
Self Tapping Screw, #2, 3/16” Length, CRES 99461A710 1