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Installation Prerequisites

For macOS systems perform the following:

  • obtain the Xcode Command Line Tools by launching the Terminal and type:
xcode-select --install

Resolve SSL errors caused by INL Zscaler before install RAVEN (Only for INL machines)

[~/projects]> export REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=/path/to/CAINLROOT_B64.crt
[~/projects]> export SSL_CERT_FILE=/path/to/CAINLROOT_B64.crt
[~/projects]> git config --global http.sslcainfo /path/to/CAINLROOT_B64.crt

Replace /path/to/ to the actual path where CAINLROOT_B64.crt locates.


Open a terminal window and cd into the folder where you want to install RAVEN (e.g., projects)

[~]> mkdir projects
[~]> cd projects
[~/projects]> git clone
[~/projects]> cd raven

(Optional) Install RAVEN Plugins

This step is optional, and you may need to contact plugin developers to obtain the access first to non-open source plugins. Contact us Installation instructions: RAVEN Plugins

Install RAVEN

Method 1: Install RAVEN package (release version) through pip

This is the simplest way to install RAVEN.

[~/projects]> conda create -n raven_libraries python=3.10
[~/projects]> conda activate raven_libraries
[~/projects]> pip install raven-framework

Once installed, raven_framework will be available in your system path, and you can run any raven tests under folder raven/tests/framework/, for example:

[~/projects]> raven_framework  /path/to/raven/tests/framework/test_LHS_Sampler.xml

Replace /path/to/ to the actual path to raven folder.

Method 2: Install RAVEN from source through conda

install raven libraries

cd raven
./scripts/ --install

The process is maintained to provide the best libraries for each commit of RAVEN. In the event libraries cannot be installed through conda, see Installing RAVEN Libraries.

Experimental Features:

  • Use Mamba to install RAVEN which can accelerate the installation process: ./scripts/ --mamba

Compiling RAVEN

[~/projects/raven]> ./build_raven 

In case the RAVEN libraries have been installed without the conda installation package, (see Installing RAVEN Libraries ), RAVEN needs to be built with the following option:

[~/projects/raven]> ./build_raven --skip-conda

Test RAVEN installation

[~/projects/raven]> ./run_tests -j2

A large number of tests are run in order to check that the installation step has been successful. At the end, a screen output is generated similar to the one below (though the number of tests will not be the same):

383 passed, 19 skipped, 0 pending, 0 failed

Update RAVEN

[~/projects]> cd raven
[~/projects/raven]> git pull
[~/projects/raven]> ./scripts/ --install
[~/projects/raven]> ./build_raven
[~/projects/raven]> ./run_tests -j2

See also the Troubleshooting page if you have problems.