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Installing Check Site

To install Check Site, go to Releases and find the top one. Click on assets to expand, and click on zip (Most OSs) or tar.gz (Linux) to download the latest version. Open/decompress the folder and copy the folder inside to your home directory (/home/[username]) or Downloads (Windows) Open your browser and navigate to about:debugging(Firefox) or about:extentions (Chromium browsers). In Firefox, click This firefox and then click Load temporary addon. In Chromium browsers (Chromium, Edge, Chrome, Brave), click Load unpacked (note: you may need to turn on Developer Mode): When in the file picker dialog, navigate to the directory where you saved the directory from the zip or tar.gz file, and select the manifest.json file in the directory (firefox) or directory itself (Chromium Browsers)

Tip: If you want the latest version, go to the main page: Click Code, and then click Download ZIP. After that, follow the steps above.