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Customization of ESPEasyFlasher2.0

If you want use the ESPEasyFlasher2.0 with your own logo or your own ESP Binaries, you want enable or disable some control areas, no problem, you do not have to change source code for it!

Use your own logo for your ESP Project

How you can use your own logo, you can find on wiki page Use your own logo

Enable/Disable GUI control elements of EEF

On the following links you can find, how you can change the layout of EEF. With the ESPEasyFlasherConfig.json you have the possibility to enable or disable some control areas in the GUI.

ESP Binaries and EEF Files

How you can get the ESP Binaries from the Arduino IDE you can find on wiki page How to get ESP binary files. In the next step you have to create an EEF file, to share your binaries with the EasyESPFlasher2.0. This is descripted on wiki page How to create EEF Files