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We are proudly announcing reached milestones:

New release of MPT+


Among other updates, we introduce the brand-new framework for the explicit Tube MPC design, add the package for the design and verification of low-complexity explicit MPC controllers in MPT3 - LowCom, and enable polynomial-based approximation of explicit control law. See Changelog for more details.

The MPT+ will be presented on the PC 2023


The reviewers accepted our paper introducing the MPT+ to be presented at the 24th International Conference on Process Control. We are thrilled to share our current results with a wide community of experts in the field of process control and MPC design.

Initial relese of MPT+ shipped on the Pi-Day


After several early-stage versions, we are proudly introducing our initial stable release of MPT+. The MPT+ is freely available via tbxManager to simplify the distribution of the code. We would be happy to hear about your experience in using it.

Behind the scene, something is prepared...


Many hours of brainstorming, discussions, prototyping of the code, and its validation using the laboratory implementation led to an early-stage package.

That's it.