Trouble shooting - harman-f/MHI2_MIB2_AIO_FW_Update_Template GitHub Wiki

There are a few issues, that can pop up from time to time on all kinds of FW updates.
They are not linked to the AIO FW in any specific way.
And seem to be a VAG gift ;)

Below you will find a collection of common issues:

SD cards

Number one cause for issues are SD card - by far!
They seem to be bad all the time.
Save us all some time and ALWAYS get a fresh SD (and good) card - always the good old big once.

As soon as you get any strange issues during installation of the FW related to stuff not ready on device, not found, read errors it is 99% caused by a bad SD card.

⚠️ Do not switch you unit off or cancle the FW update.
Get fresh SD card, copy the same files on it again and continue the update!

stuck on welcome screen - after reboot

ℹ️Sometimes the reboot - even during FW update - can get stuck
Unit will show Welcome Screen.
Wait for 5 minutes, if nothings happens:

  • Keep SD card in unit!
  • Reboot unit by pressing power button for 10s

After reboot installtion should continue. If not, get in contact with an expert!

unit not responding - black screen - after reboot

Sadly, a VAG issue.
On very rare occasions the unit can get stuck in an undefined state after reboot.

  • Keep SD card in unit!
  • Pull fuse of 5F unit or disconnect car battery to get unit back up and running.
⚠️ ** Fallback** ⚠️