G11 to G13 conversion - harman-f/MHI2_MIB2_AIO_FW_Update_Template GitHub Wiki

⚠️ Requirements ⚠️

Read this article in FULL! BEFORE you start a conversion!

Model Part Number
VW 5G6919606
SupberB 3V0919606D
Octavia 5E0919606D
Karoq/Kodiaq 565919606
  • VW drivers, please note, that a Dynaudio external amp without INDEX will not work after conversion!
  • Always get yourself a fresh SD cards - see below for specs
  • Keep backup and logs after update - always good to have them - just in case!

Update to latest G11 FW 1st!

The conversion from G11 to G13 has to start certain G11 FW version:

  • VW: Any MHI2_ER_VWG11_*3***
  • Skoda: All MHI2_ER_SKG11_*****

If you start from older version, there is a high risk, that IOC update will fail and your screen and button inputs will not work.

G11 to G13 All-In-One features

In addition to the general AIO features

  • Part number will be adjusted to fit G13 unit
  • Long coding byte 17 will be adjusted to Skin 1

Adjustment required for G11 to G13 conversion

Although, the AIO already comes mostly pre configured, some part still need user interaction:

metainfo2.txt - enable G11 -> G13 conversion

ℹ️ In delivery condition the G13 AIO are not configured to run G11 to G13 conversions.
During the FW update the AIO will in addition check for G11 FW installed on unit.
⚠️ NAND will only be formatted in case G11 is found on unit.
A few changes to the metainfo2.txt have to be made:

adjust SupportedTrains

  • remove # before SupportedTrains = "SupportedTrains = "MHI2_ER_VWG11_K3342"
  • add # before SupportedTrains = "MHI2_ER_VWG13*


During Installation

The unit will reboot after the IOC update is finished.
After the x reboot the old 8'' screen will stop working.
While the FW update continues you can switch the screen to the new 9.2'' to be able to see the screen output for the last section of the FW update.


After the reboot the G13 screen is required for a working screen output - on G11 the screen will just stay black.

VW G11 to G13 - error DUV101

"OPTIONAL" - does not pop up all the time!
After switching to G13 screen you will - most likely - see this "error" on screen:
image NO reason to panic! Just press SKIP to let the FW update continue!
⚠️ NEVER EVER CANCEL the update --> a bricked unit is most likely the result.

After conversion

You have to install latest maps, as they were deleted during the conversion process.

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