Code Convention - hadron13/Skeewb GitHub Wiki

All the code inside the repository should follow this convention, and I encourage modders to do the same to maintain consistency.

General Rules

  • Descriptive names - avoid abbreviations, care about yourself in 2 days.
  • Long functions - single, sequential large chunks of code are easier to understand than a spaghetti that goes through 15 different functions scattered around.
  • Keep state together - concentrate all the state of your module in a single place, this helps to keep track of everything happening.
  • 1 external header - put your mod's whole interface in a single header


The code follows this style:

int category_object_function(){ // brackets like these
	// example: vehicles_car_accelerate() 

//   V  asterisk after
int  *pointer;

// avoids confusion sometimes
//    V pointer V
int   *a,  b,  *c;
//         /\ not pointer

typedef struct{
	int data;
// could be SomeType, this choice is aesthetic, but don't forget the _t!_

for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){ // give it some space!
	// i, j, k  should always be just counters
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