How We Run Team Meetings - hackforla/VRMS Wiki


  • Facilitator Responsible for running the agenda and leading the meeting.

    • Any team member can be a facilitator
    • Makes sure the conversation moves along
    • Makes sure all team members get a chance to speak/are heard
      • ie: "Hey Jay, I noticed you unmuted, is there something you would like to share?" // "Is there anything, anyone would like to add?"
    • Make sure there are action items at the end of every meeting
    • Check in with note taker that all important information is recorded
    • Make sure issues are created and assigned to team members
    • Catalog the conversation by simultaneously commenting on issues while discussing them in the meeting
  • Time Keeper Keeps track of time for agenda items.

    • Has to be good at allocating extra time for items that go over time
    • Can be good at strictrly interrupting the conversation or meeting when time is up
  • Note taker Takes notes, updates the agenda wiki article

    • Is a good listener
    • Can type/write/keep track of meeting items
    • Record everything that is being shared in the meeting
    • Makes sure the agenda notes are accurate and the notes make sense.

Typical Meeting

  • Facilitator goes through the project board and discusses in progress column and makes sure everybody has something to do and is assigned to an issue

Agenda Template

## Before the meeting
- [ ] Team members should update their issues

## Who was there?

## Things we plan to discuss
- [ ] 

## What we actually discussed

## Additional notes

## Upcoming Milestones

## Action Items
- [ ]

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