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This is the authoritative list of how/what is using the IPv4-adresses we routed to us.

vlan2 | | no ipv6 | hausmania,adm | BROKEN, no router! |

Previously called “kontor”, repurposed for anything official/non-tenant business of Hausmania.

vlan3 | | 2a02:ed06:3::1/64 | wired,hackeriet | moon | no ipv6 johan.hackeriet.no canon printer no ipv6 ottman.hackeriet.no xerox phaser printer no ipv6 hackeriet-door Source code repo dhcp6 hackeriet-button.haus.hackeriet.no space status button pi (eth fallback) dhcp6 hackeriet-button.haus.hackeriet.no space status button pi (wlan) no ipv6 dc-ap1 access point, possibly physically on vlan130. hackeriet / hackeriet mgmt pw. 2001:16d8:eee2:3::21 razor.hackeriet.no (SDR station) 2a02:ed06:3::10:10:3:22 vend-lcd (LCD screen on vending machine) 2a02:ed06:3::10:10:3:23 zigbee-sjn (Rasbian w/Zigbee card)
on dhcpv4 autoconf ipv6 (in DNS) vending.hackeriet.no

vlan10 | | 2a02:ed06:10::1/64 | hausmania,tenants | moon |

The wired network used by Hausmania tenants. Sometimes available over Wifi as well.

vlan20 | | 2a02:ed06:20::1/64 | hausmania,infra | pit-sw |

VLAN for units tied to the building itself. (doors, access points, related infrastructure)

on dhcp no ap,hackeriet unifi managed
on dhcp no ap,serverrom unifi managed

DHCPv4 running on pit-sw handing out (configured, but untested per 2017-10-14)

vlan23 | | 2a02:ed06:23::1/64 | mgmt | pit-sw |

This network is used for management of infrastructure like switches, routers and similar. No bmc/ipmi hosts, those live on vlan 230 below. no hackeriet-sw (Catalyst 2960G) [email protected] / hauspw no haus-core-sw (Catalyst 2960G) [email protected], hauspw. in the basement. no haus-4etg-sw (Procurve 2626 J4900B) manager / hauspw. forth floor by door to room 1405. ? haus-3etg-sw third floor by door to room 1309. (not in place yet) no haus-musikk-sw (J8164A) hallway outside https://hackeriet.no/hausrom/2102.html , between musikk and hvite brakker. no haus-2etg-sw (Procurve 2626 / J4900B) Outside https://hackeriet.no/hausrom/1209.html 2nd floor, outside Mons’ room/capoeira room no hack-tor1-sw admin / adminpw. at top of rack one, brocade fcx648 DEAD/OBSOLETE
? unconfigured. apc power distribution unit. admin / hackeriet mgmt pw. ? hackeriet-ap1. (tidl. humla1130ap\-1) admin / hackeriet mgmt pw. no pit-sw Cisco 3560E nettlaug / hackeriet mgmt pw. no brocade-sw testsvitsj DEAD/OBSOLETE
no hole-sw (lo0) Cisco 3560 server rack DEAD/OBSOLETE
no hack-tor2-sw HP 1810-24G server rack 2 DEAD/OBSOLETE
no backbone-1 Brocade TurboIron 24X server rack 1 no backbone-2 Brocade TurboIron 24X server rack 2 no racktoo Brocade FCX server rack 2 main switch ? sw-table EdgeSwitch 5XP on the table

vlan25 | | 2a02:ed06:25::1/64 | wlan,public,haus | pit-sw |

Not in use. No IPv4 NAT anywhere.

vlan130 | | 2a02:ed06::/64 | srv,hackeriet | pit-sw | 2a02:ed06::194 adrianf (guleadrian) 2a02:ed06::1000 mynt.hackeriet.no (zulu, lasse) 2a02:ed06::196 fr30n.hackeriet.no 2a02:ed06::197 nux.hackeriet.no (nixops) mulder vm (atluxity) borrowed by ingress.haus.tla.wtf (kfh) 2a02:ed06::201 bane.hackeriet.no (atluxity) 2a02:ed06::202 blade.hackeriet.no 2a02:ed06::203 host006.hackeriet.no (capitol) 2a02:ed06::204 tone2.hackeriet.no (capitol) 2a02:ed06::205 cereal.hackeriet.no (comotion) 2a02:ed06::206 hyperboria.hackeriet.no (sgo) 2a02:ed06::207 ns1.hackeriet.no (sjn) 2a02:ed06::208 foo.hackeriet.no (sjn) 2a02:ed06::209 jakkn2.hackeriet.no (capitol) 2a02:ed06::210 mas (lasse) 2a02:ed06::211 ? 2a02:ed06::212 nat64.hackeriet.no (capitol) IP COLLISION alex-priv.hackeriet.no (capitol) 2a02:ed06::214 2a02:ed06::f00b:39ff:fec5:9585 2a02:ed06::f00b:39ff:fec5:9586 login.hackeriet.no (bezaban) 2a02:ed06::215 og 2a02:ed06:beef:beef::1 vpn.hackeriet.no (head) 2a02:ed06::216 mail.hackeriet.no (capitol) 2a02:ed06::217 pris.hackeriet.no (fnords) [probably stolen for jayne.tla.wtf (kfh)] 2a02:ed06::218 chat.hackeriet.no (nixops) 2a02:ed06::119 2a02:ed06::4b6f:f144:35db:7605 saturn.hackeriet.no (bezaban) 2a02:ed06::202 isbit.hackeriet.no (nixops) 2a02:ed06::221 tor-node001.hackeriet.no 2a02:ed06::222 tor-node002.hackeriet.no 2a02:ed06::223 voq.hackeriet.no (sgo) 2a02:ed06::224 matrix.hackeriet.no (krav) 2a02:ed06::225 forum.hausmania.org 2a02:ed06::b1ac:b10c (rediger.)hausmania.org 2a02:ed06::227 nix.hackeriet.no (krav) wificontroller.hackeriet.no (hackeriet/lasse) 2a02:ed06::bee5:4:5a1e loki.heplaphon.com (heplaphon) fuck you who stole my ip (head) – DHCP-scope for installation 2a02:ed06::234 unicorn.hackeriet.no (sgo) 2a02:ed06::235 pizza.hackeriet.no (vpn) 2a02:ed06::236 saffron.tla.wtf (kfh) 2a02:ed06::237 fw.tla.wtf (kfh) no ipv6 hausmania ext no ipv6 customer V behind gi0/41 on pit-sw (.240-.254) VPN/NAT-scope (RESERVED) 2a02:ed06::242 neo.hackeriet.no (sshow) 2a02:ed06::243 fw-nerox.hackeriet.no (nerox) 2a02:ed06::244 pepperoni.hackeriet.no (ducky) 2a02:ed06::245 planar.hackeriet.no (head) 2a02:ed06::246 UNKNOWN Device! `130 a0ce.c8db.16fd DYNAMIC Gi0/25` 2a02:ed06::247 utedo.lekvam.no (torvald) 2a02:ed06::248 atl.hackeriet.no (wayphinder) 2a02:ed06::252 aleksei.hackeriet.no (aleksei) 2a02:ed06::253 bergh.hackeriet.no (bergh) 2a02:ed06::254 m00n.hackeriet.no (new nat gw)
2a02:ed06::2039 backup.hackeriet.no (capitol)
2a02:ed06:8::1 k8s01.hackeriet.no (capitol)

vlan150 | | 2a02:ed06:150:/64 | int,kubernetes | pit-sw |

Unrouted internal network for Kubernetes. DHCP server on pit-sw.

vlan111 | | | int,chia | backbone-2 |

Unrouted internal network, huayra

vlan200 | NAT64 IPv6 only | 2a02:ed06:212::/96 | nat64,hackeriet | routed at babel.hackeriet.no |

babel.hackeriet.no runs a NAT64 and DNS64 service. Clients on this vlan needing IPv4 get NAT64 access, and IPv6 access is routed normally by babel.

vlan230 | | 2a02:ed06:230:/64 | mgmt,hackeriet | pit-sw |
hackeriet-pdu - the HP PDU in rack one

vlan230 is the IPMI/BMC network.

Configuration examples

For /etc/network/interfaces:

iface eth0 inet static
    address 185.35.202.XXX
    dns-nameserver 2001:4860:4860:0:0:0:0:8888

iface eth0 inet6 static
    address 2a02:ed06::XXX
    netmask 64
    gateway 2a02:ed06::1

For /etc/sysctl.d/10-ipv6-privacy.conf

# Turn off IPv6 privacy extension in order to keep IP addresses for outgoing 
# traffic static (see https://github.com/hackeriet/hackeriet.no/wiki/IP-plan)
net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr = 0
net.ipv6.conf.default.use_tempaddr = 0

Fiber connection dump:

Linknett: .73 Blix .74 Hackeriet
Linknett: 2a02:20c8:3460::/126 ::1 Blix ::2 Hackeriet
Nett: 2a02:ed06::/32

Enable LLDPd.

apt install lldpd
service start lldpd


2a02:ed06:1000::/48 – link networks, use ::1/126 and ::2/126. 2A02:ED06:1000:1::1/64 link,hole-sw,star
vlan2101 2a02:ed06:1000:2::1/64 link,hole-sw,pit-sw
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